How Is Mobile App Beneficial For Your Branding?

Having a dedicated mobile application for your business adds another face to your brand right in your customer’s hands. This not only creates a connection to your brand but also adds to the overall brand affinity, making it even easier for customers to connect with you increasing effectiveness and efficiency at all levels.

Various Platforms to Choose From Get your mobile application developed on a platform that meets your requirements

  • iOS Applications

    Give your business the edge of a brilliant design and effective usability. We deliver the fastest turnaround times for iOS Applications that engage your audiences and leave a lasting impression.

  • Android Applications

    Android app development platform allows you to cater to a growing population of smartphone users and leverage them for the betterment of your business prospects increasing your revenues in turn.

  • Cross-Platform Applications

    One app for multiple platforms in a go. Get your app developed for more than one mobile platforms with cross platform application development. Engage more users with the same application.

  • Game Applications

    Developing a game application requires hard work with precision that is what we at ILD have. So that you bring about the right mix of energy together with visual effects that has your game players hooked.

Apps that you will in love with Our philosophy is to put life into great ideas that make mobile applications fun and engaging for better usage, delivering value.

Herman’s World

The client is a formal clothing line seller who wanted to get an application that not only allows the users to browse through their look book but also lets them place their bespoke orders by providing their measurements right on the application. An easy to use measurement guide was integrated with the application that allowed the app users to take their own measurements with a friend by their side for accurate fitting measurements that make their formal clothes fitting the very best.

Mindful Bod Fitness

The client wanted to build an application that would allow users to browse through the application and get the latest and the most easy to use workouts. The app allows users to curate workouts based on equipment involvement or otherwise. Easy to use reporting systems allow users to keep track of their workout progress, time spent and calories burned. The app is aimed to be used during workouts without a hassle, making it the ideal choice for those who work out at home or in isolation.

Young at Heart

The client wanted a mobile app to be built for the android platform and one that specifically made use of the Galaxy devices with their heart rate monitor. The app is designed to provide an easy to use interface where app users can monitor and track their heart health. In case of any problems an inbuilt doctor directory helps them locate the nearest cardiac specialists and lets the user send automated SMS alerts to up to 5 users registered on the app.

Drastic Planner

Making project management simpler and easier to carry out with easy to use client addition tools, smart lead management and chat integration that makes sending and receiving in-app messages quick. The reporting section is detailed so that you can view and download all kinds of client and project reports in a snap. The app has both free and paid versions on the app store while an in-app purchase allows users to buy certain content templates in the free version as well.

Road Safety

The client approached us with a unique idea, where road safety will be maintained by the application having direct integration of Google Maps allowing the app to figure out what is the status of traffic on the road. This will allow the app to suggest and update the travel route. Also the app connects with the vehicle dashboard and allows the user to view vehicle stats such as if an oil change is required and what is the engine health etc.

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Our Comprehensive Process Our Process Is Simple And Aims At Delivering Flawless Results For Every Project

  • Reflection and Concept

  • Design

  • Development

  • Review

  • Upload

  • Maintenance and Evolution

Reflection and Concept

Our team of experts carries out an extensive research regime to find out the industrials norms and latest trends. This research analysis is compiled together and reflected upon by experts. The final idea is then incorporated into a concept for your App.


Our design experts create a design for your app, this design is presented to you for confirmation. You can request for the finals tweaks in the layout and design. Our designing team makes the changes as per your requirement and proceed to the development stage.


Our developers take up the task and efficiently develop your app. We assure you that your app will be compatible with all mobile devices. If you want any specific animations in your app you can request it from our design consultants and our developers will carry it out effectively.


Once the final app is ready, with complete design and development. Our experts conduct a review regime which allows them to gauge the efficiency of the app. Our consultants will help you go through your app's functionality thoroughly, once you finalize the app we will upload it.


Once you are completely satisfied with design and development of your app, our team will carry out the uploading procedure as per your requirement. We can upload it to both Apple Store, Play Store or Windows App Store or all three as per your target audience.

Maintenance and Evolution

To help you optimize your app we offer maintenance and evolution service. We will help you fix bugs and make tweaks over the period of six months and make sure your app is fully functional and in the best shape when we leave it in your hands. Your satisfaction is our success.

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We have demonstrated our skills in over 200 industries Our skilled team of experts have experience designing for a multitude of industries

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